And then there were four…

Just returned home from Atlanta. My parents and I took my older sister to the airport so she could catch her flight to Kenya. It’ll be five months before we see her.

SistersWe should be used to not having her around. Between going to college out-of-state and living at the capital, she’s been away from home for eight years. This time is a little different. No more randomly texting her during the day or calling her for advice when Mom & Dad don’t answer their phones. Thanks to skype, we should be able to keep in some contact, but much of it is very uncertain. Even know I trust in the Lord and trust for him to take care of her, the recent episodes in Egypt have made me nervous. Despite the fact that I have been told by many that Kenya is safe(r), I’ve always thought Egypt was safe … or least more stable. Shows how wrong I was. The liquid changes of Africa can make anyone nervous and I suppose any country there–as Egypt has shown– can experience such liquid changes. So for the next five months, please keep the fifth Smith in your prayers and that the Lord gives her strength to help others while caring for herself.

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