Halfway Away from Home

Here is what 5 months of my life looks like packed away. Winter clothes, summer clothes and necessities for school. I was worried about not following the weight requirements for my flight: 50 lbs for my check baggage and (upon finding out at the airport) 22 lbs for my carry-on. In my years of flying, I’ve never known a carry-on weight requirement. Of course my normal self began to worry after I checked my baggage and I still had one heavy carry-on. Mom helped me as I began unloading heavier things from my carry-on to my jacket pockets and “personal item” as airport calls it a.k.a. laptop bag/purse. Only 50% of the journey left, so hopefully Austrian Airlines don’t have that rule like Air Canada does.

My Air Canada flight was okay. It was a smaller plane, with only two seats on each side of the aisle. I felt kind of bad for the man who sat next to me. Lets just say, even though my carry-on meets the 22″ limit, that flight was NOT meant for 22″ bags. There was NO WAY my bag was going to fit in the overhead. I then forced it beneath my feet with a majority of the bag hanging out. I knew that wouldn’t do in the flight attendant book of standards, so after seeing my seat partner without a bag, I attempted to turn it horizontally under the seat to see if it’d fit better.  It took up most of the man’s space beneath the seat infront of him, and as I attempted to move it back –least out of his way– he told me it’d be fine to leave it there. Those were the only words shared between us. I could tell he was foreign because he had a heavy accent, but he seemed to just want to stick to himself, and having already been a burden, I decided not to talk anymore and catch up on some sleep. I read some and even decided to play a movie in my screen. My headphones were packed away and not wanting to cause any more shifting and moving around, I decided to put a movie I have seen on before just so I wouldn’t really have to pay attention and could know what was going on without sound. Movie of choice? Prince of Egypt. Great movie for anyone who hasn’t seen it. Too bad I couldn’t listen to the great music in the movie. I’ll make sure to have my earphones out for this next flight. Currently sitting in Toronto waiting three more hours until my Vienna flight. Already exchanged the US dollars that I had to Euros.

How weird it is to be sitting at an airport alone. I don’t think the realization that sunken in that it’ll be 5 months before I see Jos… Dad… Tuscan… Chase…. I am going to see a few familiar faces from home but not for a few months. Mom and Ms. Thompson are coming to fly out of Vienna after their Croatia trip in April. My aunt is planning a trip to Italy and wants to fly out of Vienna to stop by and see me. Then my best friend from high school is hoping to make a trip either spring break or in May to visit. All those will be nice to see at such a distance from home.

Didn’t even get to say goodbye to my brother today. He went out last night so his car wasn’t home this morning. We didn’t think he returned and left this morning. Ten minutes into the drive, I get a text from him telling me that he was home and to wake him up before I left. Oh well. Least with technology such as e-mail and skype, it really shouldn’t be that much different than if I were still in Athens, while he was in Gainesville.

No other news. Time to eat some poptarts and wait for my next flight.

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4 Responses to Halfway Away from Home

  1. Catherine says:


    I am sorry about the awkward plane ride. I feel like plane rides are always like that.
    I am so excited for you. You are going to have an amazing time. Anytime you want to talk, send me an e-mail. I’ll try to get on skype more, just in case you are on.
    If you forgot anything from home or miss anything let me know. I want to mail you a package. =)

    Be safe! You must post something when you get to your apartment safe and sound.

    Miss you,

  2. Sarah says:

    Hey girl!
    I miss you already! I am glad to hear that you made it to Canada although I feel as though you should of brushed up on some words instead of watching ballin movies haha. I know you are going to have a blast over there! I cant wait to skype you and see pictures of Austria!
    Loves you!

  3. chase says:

    Glad you made that leg of the journey alright, now to make it safe the rest of the way!

  4. Sang Ah says:

    YAY Prince of Egypt!!! >.<

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