From darkness to a new light

I needed today. I never realized how much of an extrovert I am until I came to Vienna. Between the lack of people to talk to, and there not being life in my apartment (my two roomies have yet to show despite one of them having stuff already moved in), it’s been kind of lonely. Today was the second orientation. I ran into Kendra and met a friend of hers, Alexa, that also went to UV. Having people to talk to made a world of difference. After the meeting, we decided to forget our frustrations these past few days and go exploring. Navigating the city is becoming easier. After dropping off some things at Alexa’s, the closest dorm, we ventured off. Besides shops, we found St. Stephen’s Cathedral, the palace, and the Parliament building. When we were taking pictures in front of the Parliament building, a ginger guy came up and asked if we wanted a picture of the three of us taken. After the picture, we chatted with him a bit. He told us he was German and we told him we were students. Alexa is the only one to know German out of the three of us, and was chatting with him for a bit. Despite my lack of knowledge for German, I caught the word, “party” in what the guy was saying. I’m not sure if he was inviting us to a party, or he wanted to know where some parties were since we were students, but I’m sorry, he had two strikes against him.

1. I saw the movie ‘Taken”. We were not about to pick up a native guy friend to plan to meet him at some party.

2. He was a ginger. Everyone knows gingers are trouble.  🙂

After talking to the guy though, a news crew approached us and started interviewing Alexa. Kendra and I just sat back and laughed because Lord knows they wouldn’t be able to ask us anything. Maybe Alexa’s mom will see her on the news tonight in Germany :).

It was such a beautiful day today though. Slightly cold with temperatures around 20 degrees but we got a lot of sightseeing in. The day was too pretty not to be outside. We’ll venture to museums soon.  I wish there was a way to take pictures of all the things I see throughout the day. I even find the older women in their fur coats and huge fur hats a comical site. Very Russian looking– but definitely a site not known to these Georgian eyes. Class starts next week so many things to do before then! Updates soon to come.

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One Response to From darkness to a new light

  1. Sarah Hazzard says:

    I would like to let you know you made me laugh all the way back in GA with the ginger comments in the middle of the library. I miss you and glad your seeing the sites! That church is BEAUTIFUL!!!

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