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Some insights

I’ve been ‘diarying’ it up recently and I haven’t stopped to report random interesting things I’ve learned recently. The truth has come out! Americans wears engagement rings and wedding bands on the left. Germans and Austrians wear engagement bands on their … Continue reading

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Visit from Home

I had my first visitors two weekends ago. Again, I’m behind on posts! Sorry! My mom and neighbor had been traveling with a group through Croatia, Italy and Slovenia and decided to make a detour to Wien while the rest of … Continue reading

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This post is almost three weeks overdue. I apologize for the delay. It’s been busy. So my Canadian roommate and I traveled to Bulgaria. She arrived Thursday night and left Sunday and I arrived Friday night and left Monday. We … Continue reading

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Alps vs. Rockies

So blue is green, red is blue and black is black. Confused yet? I went skiing this two weekends ago with an Aussie mate (like the fact I’m throwing in Aussie terms?) to Innsbruck, Austria. It was a very different … Continue reading

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